Pure Sugar


Ethically sourced pure sugar

Sticks of raw sugarcane next to two photos of a farmer tending to sugarcane growing in a field

Sugarmark can work alongside the ethical sourcing and traceability of sugar. Growers and processors that are producing sugar that is farmed and processed to a high degree of purity using natural methods, or processes that adhere to the safe sugar production as defined by codex Alimentarius can apply to use Sugarmark to compliment these standards.

The sugar industry’s drive to promote the cause of ethically sourced, sustainably produced and pure sugar, which is grown on the land and not in a lab, can be complimented by the use of the Sugarmark, alongside the following standards:

Bonsucro: The Bonsucro Standard promotes measurable standards in key environmental and social impacts of sugar cane production and processing while recognising the need for economic viability. It aims to reduce energy use, optimise production efficiency, eliminate wastage and minimise the effect on global climate change.

With only 3.3% of land farmed for sugar cane production being Bonsucro certified, the industry will work with its members to promote Bonsucro and increase the volume of sugar cane grown and harvested using sustainable methods.

Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange): Membership of Sedex provides information about the supply chain, including labour standards, health and safety, the environment and business ethics.

BRC Global Standards: The British Retail Consortium’s global safety and quality certification programme validates sugar products and processes that can be traced to source and that meet industry recognised quality standards.

Kosher Certification: Some sugar products are Kosher Certified by the London Beth Din Kashrut Division (KLBD) for all-year-round use under the Kosher Status of Pareve-non Passover.

The Sugarmark can be used alongside the International Organization for Standards’ (ISO) ISO9000:2000 for quality manufacturing and production processes. 

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