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The Sugarmark logo was created in the 1970s by Comité Européen des Fabricants de Sucre (CEFS) – a body representing major sugar producers in the EU and Switzerland. CEFS is the trademark rights holder of the Sugarmark in all countries of the EU. At the time, concerns were being raised about artificial sweeteners and the health implications of these lab-developed foods. Today the Sugarmark can work alongside both ethical and sustainable labelling bodies. With the origin of our food once more a concern for many of us, the Sugarmark is now widely used internationally as a quality mark to show the purity of sugar and sugar ingredients.

  • A variety of food products with the Sugarmark logo branded on their packaging, the Sugarmark symbol sits in the background

    Examples of the Sugarmark in use since 1970

  • A sign at the Ragus factory saying 'Goods In' with the Sugarmark symbol

    Sugarmark signage

  • A round red and white tanker bearing the Sugarmark logo and Spanish wording

    The Sugarmark on a tanker

  • An employee looking through a telescope wearing Sugarmark branded clothing

    The Sugarmark on clothing

  • Several brand logos mounted on a white wall with the Sugarmark in the center.

    The Sugarmark amongst other accreditations

  • A bag of sugar bearing the Sugarmark logo on the packaging

    The Sugarmark at work on retail packaging

  • White railcarts bearing the Sugarmark logo

    The Sugarmark on railcarts

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